To Calibre Yachts Customer Support:

This story is about: Alex Denny, Calibre Yachts Broker, Maple Bay

A Broker with Integrity – A Broker who went above and beyond – Our Recommendation without Reservation – A Story that needs to be told and Retold.

We have recently purchased a Hunter Legend 35.5 through Calibre Yachts which our Broker, Alex Denny, with his friend, delivered to us in Comox just before Christmas. (What a nice Christmas present).

Throughout the pre purchase including the survey, mechanical, and sea trials at Maple Bay there was no tender. Only the picture of a tender on deck (tarped but clearly visible) included in one of the Sales pictures. When asked about the tender, the owner said that that he had a much better tender for us and in fact would be embarrassed to give us the one in the photo. The “good” one was arriving with his new boat purchase which was, he said, a newer “Walker Bay”. As well, he said his family was from up Island and would deliver said tender to our doorstep. New Year’s Day we messaged the owner, wished him Happy New Year, and inquired about the tender. Whereupon he said, “no problem”. The tender would be delivered to Parksville next week and could we pick it up? “No problem” we thought… Except…

Email sent January 7th:

Good afternoon, Alex and XXXX (previous owner) Yesterday afternoon Ken and I drove down to Parksville to pick up the dinghy that was promised us, as part of the agreement that we made to purchase the Hunter 35.5.  As it was dark by the time we got home we didn’t look closely at it until this morning, and when we did, we were extremely disappointed. We understood that the dinghy you were sending us was a fairly new Walker Bay inflatable, but what we have received is a very old, very dirty, and very well used West Marine inflatable;  from the numbers on the transom, it seems to be a 1985 model. In addition to its poor condition, it also has no oars, no pump, no seats, and the  slots where the seats would fit are torn.  There is no possibility that this boat could be used as a reliable tender, and it will probably end up costing us a disposal fee at the landfill. So, we would like to have the dinghy that was shown on the deck of the Hunter in the photos that were used in the Calibre Yacht Sales ad, or something of equal usefulness.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(Note: 2 Oars were subsequently found in stern of Hunter but not usable with this tender)

So to repeat:

This is a story about: Alex Denny, Calibre Yachts, Maple Bay: A Broker with Integrity – A Broker who went above and beyond – Our recommendation without reservation – A Story that needs to be told and Retold.

Without any suitable response from the Previous Owner, Alex, on his own dime, found and purchased a near pristine, used,  West Marine 2.75 inflatable tender with a 4 hp 2 stroke mercury outboard and with wonderful wife Heidi delivered it to our home in Royston.

Now that, my friends, is just incredible, and to my knowledge he has not received a thing from the PO

If you are looking for a yacht broker, we recommend Alex without Reservation.

In considering the composition of my testimonial I realised I needed to pay tribute not only to the people who provided our boat, but also to the boat herself!

First, the man who made it all possible: Richard at Calibre was everything one would wish for at all points in the research and purchase process. His most undeniable trait beyond “really good guy” is his integrity and therefore, the strength of character he demands throughout his company. This was tested in our relationship, and when things happen, what truly matters is how people deal with the situation. Richard was professional in all aspects and did “the right thing.” What defines individuals in this sense is how they react under duress; Richard was composed and clear, transparent and helpful. We appreciate him in all regards. Bottom line: he wanted to see us happy in our Helmsman, and thanks to him, we are.

I must also mention Akiko in the office without whom all Calibre would be lost! She is such a very thoughtful, warm, and organised person who held all of us together through the details of the different taxes,  importation, and finally actually getting our boat across the border during Covid-19. Thank you, Akiko!

And the reason for all our appreciation is the final product, our Helmsman 38, which is bringing much joy. Really that is what it comes down to in a boat selection. Her presence, her demeanour, her attractive looks and her practical side all summed to a wonderful choice for us.

In closing, we thank Richard and the staff at Calibre for what we hope will be many years of happy adventures.

Gordon S

Dear Doug Gartland,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much your experience, professionalism, guidance and sage advice has meant to me and my wife.

When we first contacted you in July of 2020 we told you how new we were to the boating industry and shared our own naivety and wishes. But we had a dream and wanderlust for a new chapter in our lives. We had been looking at large boats for years, but knew if we were going to make this dream come true we would need to speak with someone in the know… and Calibre Yachts just kept popping up in all our searches … so I knew who to call.. But didnt know what to say. You took care of us right where we were with constructive tips and listened. You helped put form to our ideas to determine exactly what type of boat we desired. I can say that without your guidance we would not be in the position we are today where on November 11th, 2020, we took possession of our 44 Tollycraft CPMY. We are so excited for our future of yachting and making new dreams a reality.

Doug… your patience and prudence steered us free of obstacles and roadblocks. You helped us avoid many possible regretful outcomes to teach us not only what to look for but what to avoid.

And on top of all this… Covid-19.

As luck would have it we found our boat in the US. The incredible attention to detail to find and purchase a vessel without the ability to physically climb aboard for ourselves took a leap of faith that you single handedly relieved. Through the many Zoom meetings and conference calls it was not easy and was a steep learning curve for all of us… but your experience helped navigate our way through some potentially very treacherous “waters”. The teamwork between you and Akiko Kageyama ensured we were protected and in good hands. At times it seemed we were heading into a storm of bureaucracy, with an uncooperative US broker and Covid-19, but you and Akiko made such a smooth transition for delivery without hiccup or mistake. I have never seen anyone clear customs in 20min when purchasing something of great value… especially in the purchase of a yacht and during a pandemic. Absolutely Incredible. A testament to your diligence and experience.

Our sincerest form of gratitude and thanks from the bottom of our hearts to you Doug and Akiko and the team at Calibre Yachts. We look forward to our next purchase and continued business with you.

Over the next few months our boat is going to go through a loving makeover and you will always have a seat reserved with your favorite bottle of wine on board.

Thank you.

Brenda and Ian Newton, Proud Owners of “Blue Water Bound”

A thank-you just doesn’t express the gratitude that my wife and I feel for the incredible service and success in selling our boat.   I first attempted to sell the boat myself. First- I mailed a very nice brochure to about 300 yacht brokers around the world and only received two replies and no offers.    Next – I listed the boat with a well-known  international broker.  They did advertise and had the boat in two boat shows but did not produce the promised video.   Finally, a friend suggested that boats are sold on the internet and that a video is incredibly important so I spent my evenings watching boat sales videos and the Calibre Yacht videos really stood out.

Their underway drone work and photography were excellent but the most impressive feature was Richard Evans’ narrative. He really has a way of selling the dream.  And last but not least Rob and Sue Ksyniuk were incredible.  Rob is a very likable and a talented sales person and his wife Sue helped do some decorating changes which really updated the interior. The result of all of this good work is that the boat was sold in 6 weeks and there were multiple backup offers. Calibre’s video of the boat has been on You Tube for a little over a year and has had over 1,200,000 hits (very unusual for a boat). My wife and I highly recommend Calibre Yacht Sales.

John Holzemer

I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me during the purchase of Anthea an Alubat Onvi 455. You exceeded all expectations. While three countries involved in the sale was enough adding to that the impending time constraints involving the latest pandemic made the sale next to impossible. Your professionalism, persistence and your overall friendliness meant a lot to me.

The research you did in finding out about my back ground and how well I fit with such a special boat was meaningful to me. I love Anthea thank you again for bringing us together. I will cherish her.

Alan Somervell, skipper of Anthea

Thank you for your efforts in getting the LNVT sold for me. It was a painful process for both of us, and I could not have made it happen without the assistance you provided, both in keeping the deal moving ahead and making it somewhat more affordable. It didn’t turn out the way either of us had hoped, and I’m sure the Covid situation played a role. I don’t know what the market is like in your industry but I know present circumstances are making lenders extremely reticent. This buyer turned out to be the right one at the right time.

Thanks again! I will be sure to refer Calibre to anyone I know who’s in the market as a buyer or a seller.


Buying a boat is hard. Yes, it’s all exciting to think of yourself sailing off into the sunset, or hauling up a monster fish, but the reality of buying a boat is that there’s a lot to it and it’s hard! We knew what we wanted in a boat and were quite stubborn about not compromising, despite the common wisdom that told us that we’d be lucky to get half of what we wanted. However, after documenting 31 boats over a period of 2 years, we found the almost perfect boat, save about 2 small compromises. Rob Ksyniuk showed us some of the first boats we looked at. At first, we did our own legwork, but then we realized how valuable it would be to have a broker on our side, keeping an eye out for “our” boat, making contacts, and walking us through the process. We both really liked Rob. We liked that if he couldn’t answer one of our questions, he didn’t make something up, or condescendingly tell us what the “norm” is: he looked it up, or he called the boat owner and asked. He had our backs and we trusted him 100%. He never pressured us to buy a thing, he just listened—really listened, and he was in it for the long-haul. When we finally found the right boat, it turned out that process was fraught with challenges (a gross understatement) but Rob was right there with us, keeping up a steady line of communication, being up-front, pushing hard to get us what we wanted most in the world. I think he wanted us to have that boat as much as we did! Having dealt with a dozen or more boat brokers, we can unequivocally say that Rob is in the top of his field: an excellent broker, and a fine human being.

David Mitchell and Trina Holt

Dear Richard,

I recently purchased the yacht Puff, a Catalina 320 built in 2004.

I viewed and made an offer for Puff in Oak Bay Marina in December, 2019. Tony Roberts was the agent showing Puff and he had ensured that John the owner presented the boat at its best, decluttered of personal belongings.  Puff is in excellent condition having been lightly used and met my criteria in terms of sail plan, accommodation and power. I also own a 32ft.  in the UK.

The challenge was that I was returning to the UK on the 15th December, the Christmas period of stagnation loomed and I needed to gather the funds to transmit and complete the sale by 31st January 2020. Tony was marvellous, not only does he possess considerable boat ownership experience he was also prepared to help me fulfil the normal tasks of survey and sea while remaining in the UK. Tony organised the sail to Sidney for survey, recommended the marina for lift and scrub and returned Puff safely to Oak Bay. John the owner being unable to assist due to infirmity.

I received frequent communication on progress and was introduced to the accountant for transfer of funds, a slow process nowadays due to money laundering regulations. Tony also recognised that my UK domicile status would allow me to purchase Puff without GST being applied. Well done Tony, many thanks.  This gave rise to our sail to the waters of the USA when I returned from the UK late in January.

I am both surprised and very grateful that Tony, the agent for the vendor was so helpful and prepared to go that extra mile to make my purchase of Puff both successful and enjoyable.

Bon voyage………David R Whiting

I just want to pass along my thoughts after working with Robert Kysniuk as my broker to sell my Valiant sailboat over that past 17 months.

In summary he is a pleasure to work with.

He is tenacious without being aggressive and is very professional which strikes a nice chord with clients. I have had a potential buyer say how much they have enjoyed their interaction with Robert.
Similarly, working with me he has made suggestions that have helped to sell our boat both in pricing and how the boat was presented.  Robert goes the extra mile in offering to help out , including cleaning the boat and even shoveling off the snow last week!

He has kept me informed throughout the sale period regarding potential buyers, their feedback and his own recommendations.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Robert to other potential clients and I am more than willing to act as a reference if ever needed.

Bruce W.

We currently live in Beijing but we are planning our move back to Canada this year, likely Victoria. We also want to buy a boat and you make the very best videos we have seen. My son watches all the videos that you do, even if the boat is already sold or from a few years ago. You have taught us a lot of the terms and you make every boat so interesting. We love the way you tell us how to use the space in the boat and explain the features. You always add the boat on the water in use which really improves the viewer experience.

We will come and see you in Vancouver and hopefully you can sell us a boat. We do not have a lot to spend but we do want to start our experience with a power boat as this will be our first boat ever.

We look forward to meeting you sometime later this year but I just wanted to reach out and thank you. Please keep making more videos, we will certainly watch them all.

Yours truly,

Scott and Luc – beginners in boating.

Tony’s extensive knowledge and experience as a boat broker were key to successfully selling our boat at close to the healthy asking price. First of all, Tony found us a moorage spot with excellent exposure to potential buyers, and put us in touch with a hard-working and reasonably-priced boat-cleaning fellow at the marina. Tony also provided great advice on the touch-up work needed to show the boat to best advantage, and found us a reasonably-priced boat painter to refinish the window and door trim. Finally, Tony was very patient while I worked through the extensive paperwork needed to sell our ex-corporate boat, and helped us drive the boat to and from the up-Island boatyard for her marine surveys and maintenance work. I highly recommend Tony’s boat-broker services and would definitely want to hire him again when buying our next boat. Tony was a pleasure to work with, and you won’t find anyone better!

Dr. Dennett Netterville, P.Eng. (ret’d)

Victoria, BC

The experience I had with Calibre Yachts was very good.  I  felt the video was a great way to show the public the features as well as drone shots showing the vessel under way.  I had a great time working with you, and believe you understood what I was saying.  You also listened to my thoughts.  Calibre Yachts represents their clients very well.

Thanks for your work


I have owned four cruising boats over the years; two sail, two power. I have spent a good deal of time and worked with many brokers trying to find the right boat for what we needed at the time. I can say without any reservations that working with Richard Evans and his people at Calibre Yachts defines for me what marine brokers ought to be about. The service level was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Although it took more than a year (and offers on four boats), Richard’s enthusiasm and steady support never flagged. Moreover, the service didn’t end when the contract was signed. It is ongoing. He doesn’t build client lists; he establishes relationships. I would not remotely consider buying (or selling) a vessel without Richard’s involvement. He is knowledgeable, personable, and above all, operates with the strictest of ethics. I would gladly expand upon these remarks to anyone whom Richard may wish to refer.

Stuart J. Whitley, QC

The generosity, kindness, and most of all, patience shown to us by Richard Evans and his team at Calibre Yachts knew no bounds in the process of buying a boat. We needed the perfect boat for our National Geographic Assignment off the BC coast.

After hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls and many pick up at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal, Richard held out until we found a beautiful 40′ Tollycraft. I wish that buying other items in my line of work was this much fun. Calibre Yachts showed true integrity and class throughout the entire process. We can’t thank you enough.

Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier


Calibre Yachts, with you at the helm, matched us and our 32′ Nordic Tug
with the perfect buyers! It has been a pleasure to work with you and we are
very satisfied with the process, feeling that our boat will go to a good
home. And, we have made new friends. We certainly will recommend
CalibreYacht Sales to our yachting colleagues.
Thank you, Jeff.

Hugh and Anna Gilmour

Dear Richard, We regret this “thank you” is so overdue, but we’ve been so busy (and happy) on our new boat. What fun!

We are so thankful to have had you on our side as our broker. What a stroke of luck that we met you. Your absolute honesty, boat knowledge and kind and gentle manner were extraordinary. Your suggestions as to tradespersons were very helpful – we liked them all and will continue to use them.

Best of luck in the future – you know we’ll be telling everyone how delighted we were to have dealt with you.


Jack and Jennifer