Calibre Yacht Sales BC Testimonials

Calibre Yacht Sales did an outstanding job for us. We wanted to upsize our sailboat and found the perfect boat with them. They not only helped us with the purchase of our new sailboat but the sale of our old one. They made every step of the way easy and enjoyable. Craig Hemmes who was our Broker went above and beyond to make all parties involved happy. Would highly recommend the Calibre Yacht team if your thinking of purchasing or selling your next boat.

Bryce S.  December 2022

After having no luck searching on my own, I reached out to Justin Mede. We spoke and he listened my wish list and the various avenues available to us in purchasing a yacht. I have bought and sold countless vehicles however, new to the boat world I relied heavily on his knowledge. After locating a few yachts we focused on the desired choice and put a plan together. After many texts, emails and phone calls, not to mention I’m sure many questions asked repeatedly from my side, a deal was made. Justin secured a surveyor and mechanic for tests as well as recommending an avenue for paperwork. I am sure without Justin’s assistance we would still be trying to figure things out. I would recommend Justin and Calibre to anyone looking to purchase or sell their yacht.


Glen H.  November 2022

Calibre Yacht’s broker “Blair Chatters” was an excellent steward for our yacht sale. His compassion, perseverance and determination produced a successful and stressless sale.

Thank You Blair Chatters and Calibre Yacht Sale for your professionalism.


Len.W.L., SV Greyfox, Oct. 2022

Calibre Yachts were an excellent choice for us when we decided to sell our boat.  They were very professional and thorough.  Darryl Jolly, the broker we dealt with, was very attentive and detail orientated.  He kept up updated throughout the process and was quick to answer any questions or concerns we had.  We were very pleased with the service Darrell and Calibre Yachts provided and would highly recommend them.

John and Sue T.  September 27th, 2022

We feel that Trina’s hard work was instrumental in us getting Blue Yonder. We look forward to many voyages in the years to come. Thank you, Trina!


Richard and Kerry S. 2022

We bought a boat from Mark Kelly @ Calibre Yachts Sales in Nanaimo and then had to sell our sailboat. Mark put us in contact with Trina Holt from Calibre in Oak Bay, who had a spot at their dock. From day one Trina was very helpful and knowledgeable, and she went out of her way to help us sell our sailboat. When we received an offer and accepted it, Trina took our sailboat back and forth to Sidney for a haul out. Unfortunately for us, some repairs were needed and Trina went again out of her way to get quotes, make haul out arrangements and worked with the buyer to make the repairs and sale happen. We don’t know what we would have done without the professional help from Trina.

Thank you very much, Trina, for all your help. We gladly recommend you and Calibre Yacht Sales to anyone who would like to buy or sell a boat. 

Ron & Elvi VDZ, 2022

Trina Holt is now my friend. Four months ago, I didn’t know her, but she was my newly appointed Calibre boat broker. When first we met, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to remain a boater. My wife Valerie, with whom I had ordered the boat, had passed away within the last month. We bought a new Helmsman 43E, but delivery was delayed and confused by Covid-induced issues. A special shipping cost levy had to be paid, there had been luxury tax, sales tax, and duty confusions.

Enter Trina…she worked with others to resolve the administrative glitches…and I gradually recalled the reasons we had ordered the boat. I started to develop a hands-on feel for her and conceded that there was a path I could see to coming to love the boat.

…I came to appreciate Trina’s special talents as a person and a boat broker: knowledge of boats and boat processes, understanding of my situation, assessment of what I needed, persistence, conviction about her recommendations and course of action, all brought together with an engaging personal approach…she became my friend.

Over the next couple of months, she appropriately dealt with all sorts of commissioning and delivery issues. She was easy to work with and always prompt, always reinforcing my day-one impressions of her.

I told her when I sold Sea Zen that she would be my broker, and I would recommend her to anyone else…work with her while you can! You won’t regret it.

Brian O, 2022

When in the middle of the covid pandemic, I decided I would like to finally purchase a boat, I contacted Tony (Roberts) for his thoughts and guidance. Tony was very frank and realistic about what I was up against and the costs and responsibilities of owning a boat. He asked many hard questions to see if owning a boat was the right decision for me. Through this process Tony helped me narrow down my search to a certain size and style of power boat that would meet my needs and budget. He also explained the inevitable compromises that you end up having to make with prioritizing one feature over another.

Tony then counseled patience and so we settled into a process of monitoring new listings and also calling around to various contacts to let them know what we were looking for. Finally, after many months Tony identified a new listing that was almost exactly what we had been waiting for. We mobilized very quickly to view the boat, confirm the boat had all the features and was in the excellent condition we were looking for and we set about making an early offer in a highly competitive market which was in the end accepted.

Tony then helped shepherd me through the various surveys and mechanical inspections prior to closing and helped me assess the various issues that were identified in order for me to be comfortable completing the purchase, which I was.


After almost a year of ownership, I could not be happier and am excited about all the adventures that lie ahead aboard my new boat, purchased with the outstanding help of Tony Roberts!

I would be happy to talk to anyone seeking a reference on Tony further.  Rob (416) 816-3107

Rob T, 2022

“When we met you (Justin Mede) the first time to view this boat, we realized that you are in a different class. First of all, you were not pushy, but calm and knowledgeable, but also acknowledged things that you did not have an immediate answer to, and promised to come back to us on issues. That you did in quick time.

Your professionalism, calm demeanor and conduct set the stage for us to purchase our first boat without anxiety, fear or regrets.

We want to thank you for your excellent service. We will definitely pass your name on, whenever we have the opportunity to do so.
Looking forward to some more contact with you in the future. It has been a pleasure.”

Cobus and Lize-marie S, 2021

Just want to let you know that your agents Alex & Heidi have provided outstanding and exemplary service, not just during the sale this summer but afterwards as well. They have not only supplied qualified, reliable tradesmen but have also provided personal assistance such as rides for insurance and rescue services (when our dinghy motor failed). They have always been friendly and welcoming. Heidi gave me an extra pair of rubber boots and the socks off her feet one day, plus hot coffee & biscotti!! We cannot say enough good things about them and thought you should know.

Nick and Crystal M, 2021

Teresa and I wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we were with the service you provided including the quick responses and communication we received.

With us being out of province complicated further by the ever changing covid rules, we weren’t as hands on as we normally would have liked to have been. You definitely  stepped up to the plate looking after all the necessary things that popped up so the Monkey Joe was ready for prospective buyers.  Your professional approach made us confident we had the right person and combined with the  support of a knowledgeable company like Calibre yacht, created a comfortable and easy process for selling our boat.

Shane and Teresa G, 2021

“I wanted to pass on notice of my very great satisfaction with your man Darrell Jolly`s handling of the sale of our Nordic Tug 26, Lily B. After some time spent with me becoming familiar with layout and system references I was impressed by his professional personal presentation and courteous, genuinely caring manner. He inspired immediate confidence as someone I could trust to represent us fairly and honestly, which was all we had hoped… We simply admired his diligence through what, for us, turned out to be a completely seamless series of transactions. I`m sure you`ll continue to find him an esteemed member of your crew.”

Michael R, 2021

“Trina… you know your stuff and made my wife and I feel very comfortable. We actually felt like valued customers which was wonderful. Thank you for your great service and we look forward to searching for our forever boat with you and Calibre Yachts!

Greg and Emily W, 2021

“Our dealings allowed us to experience Justin’s honesty and dedication to his work.  The sale went seamlessly; from arranging for photos to be taken to dealing with prospective purchasers.  We were given all methods of communications, from in person to email to text to phone and response times were very prompt.  Even on the one time where communication would be lost, we were told that the office could assist in any questions and also told when communication would be reestablished. Due to personal reasons, we were not involved in the closing of the sale. Justin and his office handled the closing and the funds transfer concluded without any issues. Thanks again Justin and Calibre.” 

Joe & Lois M, 2021

I could not have wished for a better yacht broker than you to sell my lovely yacht “Marakei”. To start with, the many photos you produced for the listing were top notch. You even tidied up the interior to made sure there was no extraneous personal stuff cluttering up the scene. I was also impressed by the first class layout of Calibre Yacht’s website. And then you delivered so much more than you promised, finding a purchaser way sooner than I could have ever hoped for. Come on, who has heard of a final sale happening in less than a month from first posting — including engine inspection, haul-out and marine survey, considering that July is the busiest time of the year for all those professional services involved?!

I especially appreciate your ready willingness to set aside several days to help me sail my boat to and from the nearest haul-out facility 25 nm away, attend the survey and move her to a nearby marina slip when I couldn’t attend for medical reasons. You were always fully focussed on my needs, so much so that I felt I was the only client who mattered. And your friendly and fun company during the sail home a few days later simply was the icing on the cake!

Thank you, Trina. I am sure with your personality and dedication you will turn many other clients into friends.

Heldor S, 2021

Trina was wonderful to work with.  Very helpful in making our sale successful, super friendly, and knowledgeable about sailing in general, and Marakei, the boat I purchased in particular.  She worked above and beyond in all respects.  I would recommend her services without reservation.

Phil H, 2021

“I have owned four cruising boats over the years; two sail, two power. I have spent a good deal of time and worked with many brokers trying to find the right boat for what we needed at the time. I can say without any reservations that working with Richard Evans and his people at Calibre Yachts defines for me what marine brokers ought to be about. The service level was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Although it took more than a year (and offers on four boats), Richard’s enthusiasm and steady support never flagged. Moreover, the service didn’t end when the contract was signed. It is ongoing. He doesn’t build client lists; he establishes relationships. I would not remotely consider buying (or selling) a vessel without Richard’s involvement. He is knowledgeable, personable, and above all, operates with the strictest of ethics. I would gladly expand upon these remarks to anyone whom Richard may wish to refer.”

Stuart J. W, QC, 2019

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Alex who has managed a multitude of things on our behalf, particularly during the Covid shutdown when I have not been able to come over from North Vancouver. This has included coordinating mechanical/electrical upgrades, bat deterrents, decluttering the boat house, cleaning, installing heaters, and security for the boat. Alex is readily available, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and provides a very high standard of service at all levels.”

DB, 2021

“[Selling my boat] was a heart-wrenching emotional process for me and I would like to thank you for your understanding, your ability to listen, to understand, your professionalism, marketing ability, and warm personal touch in the whole process.”

Len R, 2021

“Richard at Calibre was everything one would wish for at all points in the research and purchase process. His most undeniable trait beyond “really good guy” is his integrity and therefore, the strength of character he demands throughout his company. This was tested in our relationship, and when things happen, what truly matters is how people deal with the situation. Richard was professional in all aspects and did “the right thing.” What defines individuals in this sense is how they react under duress; Richard was composed and clear, transparent and helpful.”

Gordon S, 2020

“A thank-you just doesn’t express the gratitude that my wife and I feel for the incredible service and success in selling our boat. Finally, a friend suggested that boats are sold on the internet and that a video is incredibly important so I spent my evenings watching boat sales videos and the Calibre Yacht videos really stood out.

Rob and Sue Ksyniuk were incredible.  Rob is a very likable and a talented sales person and his wife Sue helped do some decorating changes which really updated the interior. The result of all of this good work is that the boat was sold in 6 weeks and there were multiple backup offers.”

John H, 2019

“I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me during the purchase of Anthea an Alubat Onvi 455. You exceeded all expectations. While three countries involved in the sale was enough, adding to that the impending time constraints involving the pandemic made the sale next to impossible. Your professionalism, persistence and your overall friendliness meant a lot to me. The research you did in finding out about my background and how well I fit with such a special boat was meaningful to me. I love Anthea. Thank you again for bringing us together. I will cherish her.”

Alan S, 2019

“Buying a boat is hard…Rob Ksyniuk showed us some of the first boats we looked at. At first, we did our own legwork, but then we realized how valuable it would be to have a broker on our side, keeping an eye out for “our” boat, making contacts, and walking us through the process. He had our backs and we trusted him 100%. He never pressured us to buy a thing, he just listened—really listened, and he was in it for the long-haul. When we finally found the right boat, it turned out that process was fraught with challenges (a gross understatement) but Rob was right there with us, keeping up a steady line of communication, being up-front, pushing hard to get us what we wanted most in the world. I think he wanted us to have that boat as much as we did! Having dealt with a dozen or more boat brokers, we can unequivocally say that Rob is in the top of his field: an excellent broker, and a fine human being.”

David M and Trina H, 2018

“Tony was marvellous, not only does he possess considerable boat ownership experience he was also prepared to help me fulfil the normal tasks of survey and sea while remaining in the UK. Tony organised the sail to Sidney for survey, recommended the marina for lift and scrub and returned Puff safely to Oak Bay. John the owner being unable to assist due to infirmity.

I received frequent communication on progress and was introduced to the accountant for transfer of funds, a slow process nowadays due to money laundering regulations. Tony also recognised that my UK domicile status would allow me to purchase Puff without GST being applied. Well done Tony, many thanks.”

David W, 2018

“Robert Kysniuk is a pleasure to work with. He is tenacious without being aggressive and is very professional which strikes a nice chord with clients. I have had a potential buyer say how much they have enjoyed their interaction with Robert.

Similarly, working with me he has made suggestions that have helped to sell our boat both in pricing and how the boat was presented.  Robert goes the extra mile in offering to help out , including cleaning the boat and even shoveling off the snow last week!

He has kept me informed throughout the sale period regarding potential buyers, their feedback and his own recommendations.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Robert to other potential clients and I am more than willing to act as a reference if ever needed.”

Bruce W.

“Tony’s extensive knowledge and experience as a boat broker were key to successfully selling our boat at close to the healthy asking price. First of all, Tony found us a moorage spot with excellent exposure to potential buyers, and put us in touch with a hard-working and reasonably-priced boat-cleaning fellow at the marina. Tony also provided great advice on the touch-up work needed to show the boat to best advantage, and found us a reasonably-priced boat painter to refinish the window and door trim. Finally, Tony was very patient while I worked through the extensive paperwork needed to sell our ex-corporate boat, and helped us drive the boat to and from the up-Island boatyard for her marine surveys and maintenance work. I highly recommend Tony’s boat-broker services and would definitely want to hire him again when buying our next boat. Tony was a pleasure to work with, and you won’t find anyone better!”

Dr. Dennett N, P.Eng. (ret’d), 2018

“The generosity, kindness, and most of all, patience shown to us by Richard Evans and his team at Calibre Yachts knew no bounds in the process of buying a boat. We needed the perfect boat for our National Geographic Assignment off the BC coast.

After hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls and many pick up at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal, Richard held out until we found a beautiful 40′ Tollycraft. I wish that buying other items in my line of work was this much fun. Calibre Yachts showed true integrity and class throughout the entire process. We can’t thank you enough.”

Paul N and Cristina M, 2017

“Calibre Yachts, with Jeff at the helm, matched us and our 32′ Nordic Tug with the perfect buyers! It has been a pleasure to work with Jeff and we are very satisfied with the process, feeling that our boat will go to a good home. And, we have made new friends. We certainly will recommend Calibre Yacht Sales to our yachting colleagues. Thank you, Jeff.”

Hugh and Anna G, 2019

“This story is about: Alex Denny, Calibre Yachts Broker, Maple Bay

A Broker with Integrity – A Broker who went above and beyond – Our Recommendation without Reservation – A Story that needs to be told and Retold.

We have recently purchased a Hunter Legend 35.5 through Calibre Yachts which our Broker, Alex Denny, with his friend, delivered to us in Comox just before Christmas. (What a nice Christmas present).

Throughout the pre-purchase including the survey, mechanical, and sea trials at Maple Bay there was no tender. Only the picture of a tender on deck (tarped but clearly visible) included in one of the Sales pictures. When asked about the tender, the owner said that he had a much better tender for us and in fact would be embarrassed to give us the one in the photo. The “good” one was arriving with his new boat purchase which was, he said, a newer “Walker Bay”. As well, he said his family was from up Island and would deliver said tender to our doorstep. New Year’s Day we messaged the owner, wished him Happy New Year, and inquired about the tender. Whereupon he said, “no problem”. The tender would be delivered to Parksville next week and could we pick it up? “No problem” we thought… Except…

Email sent January 7th: Good afternoon, Alex and XXXX (previous owner) Yesterday afternoon Ken and I drove down to Parksville to pick up the dinghy that was promised us, as part of the agreement that we made to purchase the Hunter 35.5.  As it was dark by the time we got home we didn’t look closely at it until this morning, and when we did, we were extremely disappointed. We understood that the dinghy you were sending us was a fairly new Walker Bay inflatable, but what we have received is a very old, very dirty, and very well used West Marine inflatable;  from the numbers on the transom, it seems to be a 1985 model. In addition to its poor condition, it also has no oars, no pump, no seats, and the  slots where the seats would fit are torn.  There is no possibility that this boat could be used as a reliable tender, and it will probably end up costing us a disposal fee at the landfill. So, we would like to have the dinghy that was shown on the deck of the Hunter in the photos that were used in the Calibre Yacht Sales ad, or something of equal usefulness.

We look forward to hearing from you.

(Note: 2 Oars were subsequently found in stern of Hunter but not usable with this tender)

So to repeat:

This is a story about: Alex Denny, Calibre Yachts, Maple Bay: A Broker with Integrity – A Broker who went above and beyond – Our recommendation without reservation – A Story that needs to be told and Retold.

Without any suitable response from the Previous Owner, Alex, on his own dime, found and purchased a near pristine, used,  West Marine 2.75 inflatable tender with a 4 hp 2 stroke mercury outboard and with wonderful wife Heidi delivered it to our home in Royston.”