Warning: Do Not Buy A Yacht in BC Before Considering This

Right now, there is a buying opportunity in specific types of yachts, some not easily found with a “Google Search.”

Do you know where to find them?

Our Yacht Brokers help you find specific types of yachts

Buying the right boat gives you access to adventures and a lifestyle few enjoy. As Captain of your new boat, you’re the gatekeeper to rich, unforgettable experiences for family and friends.

But… buying the wrong boat can create an expensive hardship, throwing cold water on a dream.

Since 2008, Calibre Yachts Sales has been providing boaters buyers a unique service.

In one 30-minute appointment with one of our knowledgeable brokers, we will crystallize your needs. Then, we will save you time and effort by sending you boats to preview that we’ve pre-screened for quality. In some cases, these boats are difficult (or impossible) to find on your own.

There is more to consider

Boats are surprisingly more complex to operate and maintain than a house. This is due to the marine environment in which they operate and limited space. Boaters do not want to compromise their safety or comfort, which has made today’s boats extremely complex.

Yacht Buyers Are Often Unaware Of These Facts


Buying your new boat with experienced yacht brokers, who can help navigate the seas to finding you your dream boat

  • There are registration requirements for yachts bought or sold. Many owners get caught unaware of this fact. We require proof of ownership before we list a boat and have on some occasions found the current owner is NOT the owner according to the vessel registration.
  • A cruising boat is fully plumbed with a toilet (or head, often with more than one), fresh water, showers, water pumps, macerators, sinks, black water storage, etc. Do you want an expert to guide you on how to ensure you get the right systems for you?
  • Yachts have entire electrical systems providing lighting, the operation of appliances, marine electronics – both in 12V DC and often inverted to 110V AC, sometimes cookware and heating – do you know how to ensure these are in working order and maintenance requirements?
  • There are good and bad marine engines on the market, and we know which is which. What is the appropriate solar array for your boat? Are you comfortable with propane appliances? Are you coastal cruising or sailing around the world?
  • What are the costs of buying a boat AND what will it cost to operate?
  • Does the boat have the luxury tax on it or not? Knowing the answer will save you considerable money on the purchase price.

Before you insure your new boat, it will need a survey, which includes:

Helping you surveyyour boat purchase. With mechanical inspections, out of water hull inspections, oil analysis, and computer analysis

  • Mechanical inspection
  • Out of water hull inspections
  • Oil analysis
  • Computer analysis (when appropriate)

When you use a Calibre Yacht Sales broker, they have expertise in these requirements and will take you by the hand and walk you through them.

Book an appointment with us today. It costs you nothing. There are no contracts or obligations. Within a day you’ll begin to see new yachting possibilities in your email inbox that suit your needs.

We are a trusted guide, pointing you to the shortest, easiest path to achieving the lifestyle you want in your price range.

If you own an existing boat, we can help you sell your boat quickly with our effective and unique boat marketing system.

Finding your dream boat with the use of our broker boat experts at Calibre Yacht Sales

Book an appointment with us today. It’s your next step to becoming the Captain of unforgettable voyages to your friends, family and business colleagues.

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